Attention Developers : 11 Must-Do Things When You Become A Ghost

Attention Developers : 11 Must-Do Things When You Become A Ghost


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Visit your coffee-addicted friends..replace their coffee with decaf versions

Delete all the bookmarks your friend has,on Twitter and their browser

Go to your friend's boss's calendar or scheduling tool and change all the meeting dates/times just for them.

Randomly change the ++,--,>,< in your friend's codes when they are away from their laptop

Open your friend's fav messaging app and send the message : "It's done. We shall never speak of it again. Just act like nothing happened" to everyone in their contact list. Doing it via email is also a bonus

Go to the github profile of your dev friends/enemies and post their github commit history online

Help more candidates get jobs , by forming a Ghost Startup with a large team that monitors job posts & matches them with the right candidates...along with informing people about rejections...send your co-ghosts to make a true review of the candidate's efforts..

Go see Elon Musk's twitter account password as he types it. Login when he is sleeping and tweet random but useful stuff that could manipulate things into helping good people. He already tweets a lot of random probably ..nobody will think it's weird..not even him.

Schedule updates for all the laptops,mobiles, gaming consoles,etc. that your friend has...such that it runs when they usually play/work

Setup malware on your friend's laptop, such that it will do a public livestream of all the google search and calculator entries that they make.

To atone for all your sins , go to the house of some CodeNewbies and debug their codes when they sleep..mention clear changes to help them progress better.

Attention Ghosts : this should not be taken as a literal reference guide. I'm not liable for any actions that y'all take now or in the future due to reading this.

Disclaimer : if you do plan to commit the above crimes,please use my affiliate code 'meow' when you register at Hell

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